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Threadgills Supper Session

The music contained on the 4-discs of this box set was recorded live on two nights in 1991 and 1995 at the original Threadgill’s Restaurant on North Lamar in Austin, Texas.


We released a cassette and a CD under the label Buddy Records (and Watermelon Records for the CD) from the first recording night in September 1991, and dubbed it Supper Session.  We released the cassette around Christmas and immediately sold all of them. We paid back our investor and covered all expenses.


The second night of recordings was October 25, 1995.  By then, the band had evolved to Champ Hood as host, Marvin (Denton) Dykhuis as cohost, and the Troubadours rhythm section of Dave Heath on bass and Ron Erwin on snare drum.  The crowds had continued to come every week, and the music was hotter than ever.  Champ invited Uncle Walt Hyatt down from Nashville as a very special guest, and it was Walt’s birthday. This CD dubbed Supper Session Second Helpings was release on May 11, 1996.  Sadly, that was the weekend that Uncle Walt lost his life in a plane crash in the Florida Everglades.  Second Helpings was again eagerly received and devoured by the Threadgill faithful.


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So, what we have have in these four discs, are the two original CDs, Supper Session and Second Helpings.  Once those were assembled and released, I was left with about 40 or so tracks which were not released, until now.  I’ve been listening to those tracks since 1995 thinking that there was just a whole bunch of really good music and good times bottled up in my computer. I kept telling myself, “I really need to do something with that because I know people want to hear this stuff.”  So, flash forward to Summer 2020.  I was quarantined in France with COVID restrictions when news came down that Eddie and Sandra Wilson were closing Threadgill’s Old. #1 for good. Again, I began reliving those leftover tracks and resolved that I would pull two more CDs together comprising the previously unheard music from the two marathon nights of recordings made in 1991 and 1995, and release them as a box set.  So here we are, with the help and support of friends, family and musical partners, you have the Supper Session Collection.


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